The world is your workplace The world is your workplace
The world is your workplace
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Workplace Technology for Talent

The Workplace for Talent

Does your work environment help you attract, develop, and retain the best talent?

Or is the next generation of leaders turned off by outmoded practices and outdated technology?

A new generation of employees is challenging traditional working practices and structures. Generation Y (born between 1982 and 2005) employees are the first of the digital natives not knowing a world without internet, they have driven the move to BYOD and Unified Communications, expecting the technology that empowers their personal lives to also enable collaboration and innovation at work.

They expect workplaces to be as flexible as they are, and they find that rigid corporate structures impede the fluid teamwork that makes the most of their skills. If you want to attract, develop, and retain the leaders of the future, you need to act now.

It is not only a matter of different generations and their different ways of living and working. It’s about creating a workplace that is modern and flexible and gives room for creativeness and innovation, which are the most valuable assets of every business.

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