The world is your workplace The world is your workplace
The world is your workplace
Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family

IT Security for Workplace

The Secure Workplace

Are new mobile technologies pushing your IT security to its limits?

Today, workforces are mobilized across geographies, industries, and job profiles, demanding faster remote access to increasingly fragmented data. And with young talent employees accelerating the move toward BYOD and using social media at work, there are some big new headaches for information security professionals.

But simply clamping down on everything isn’t the answer – you risk missing out on new efficiencies and enhanced productivity.  So how do you stay in control without damaging the user experience?

As the workplace evolves, the technology you use to secure corporate networks, data, and services must change with it. Balancing information access and worker productivity with data protection and workplace security isn’t easy – especially in a world of increasingly sophisticated threats.

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